Here are some examples of our Web Based Applications


Our Applications over the years

CPNet has been designing applications since 2004. In 2016 we moved from Server based to Cloud-based hosting.

Our applications include project platforms for data collection & report generation, Transport requests and processing for High Risks Industries,  Occupational health & safety and Public Safety apps, Maritime operations platforms, Graphical User Interface Electronic Program Guides for IPTV, Pharmaceutical prescription filling and delivery application, SFMS financial application, Hazardous materials registry application, Aircraft and Megayacht logistical application, Illegal refuse dumping application, General Insurance policy application,  payments & seeding and Sports event registration and reporting application.

Our development stack includes PHP, AWS, SQS and MySQL.

We provide, a scalable, robust and redundant platform for a wide range of activities for a number of spaces including  National Sporting bodies, NGOs, International Organizations, Corporations and Non-Profits.

This gallery gives some insight into our software development capabilities.

What are Web Based Applications use for?

most common applications.